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May 12, 2011

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April Bloomers

April 24, 2008

The bushes out front are putting some nice color out.

Grandpa Kelsey

February 12, 2008

I was going through papers tonight, in an attempt to simplify (don’t ask me how many boxes I still have to go through), and I came across some pictures I liked. I thought, I’d like to get more comfortable with capturing some of these pictures in a way I could share. So easy to leave them in a box, but I can’t very well encourage people to capture their stories without doing so myself. So I picked just a couple, including this one and the one in the next post (On Stage).

This is a picture of Grandpa Kelsey. He was born in 1898, and lived to the year 1998, to the age of 99 years old.

Grandpa Kelsey and Train

His story feels a little surreal to me; the last time I saw him we went out to Perkins restaurant, and I remember him asking me, “so what’s this Internet?”. And I am awed that here he was asking me about the Internet, and had been around before planes or cars or electronics for that matter.

He also lived through World War One. Below is Grandpa Kelsey’s draft card, and boy did he get a birthday present in 1918.

In november of 1918, he was on his way to europe to join the war, and on nov 11th, when he was in the middle of the atlantic, they declared the armistice, ending the war. This also happened to fall on his birthday, so ever after veteran’s day was also when we celebrated grandpa’s birthday. I’m glad that he made it back home, and I really appreciate the birthday present.

Grandpa’s draft card

On Stage

February 12, 2008

Here’s another picture I found of Sister Soleil; probably my favorite one. Everyone’s on stage, grooving.

Sister Soleil on stage

I used to say at one point that two of my favorite places to be were onstage, and in the studio — in the midst of creative performance or development.

Since being in Sister Soleil there are other favorite places — over time I’ve been forming a dream of impact, wanting to speak/write and inspire people, perhaps in a classroom, maybe an auditorium, also in books.

I still believe in music; will always believe in it. I suppose what I’m evolving towards is pursuing a focus on the spoken, the written word, creative performance of another kind. Bono of U2 is a hero, Peter Gabriel is a hero, for what they’ve done from their vantage point, not just entertaining, but taking a look at the world and supporting making it better. (Bono is involved with DATA – www.data.org – and Peter Gabriel has supported world music for a long time as well as organizations like Witness – www.witness.org)

Perhaps my dream has evolved to encompass new harmonies; I may not end up playing music full-time again, but I hope to learn how to inspire passion through words I write, speak, and actions I take.

Sister Soleil

February 5, 2008

I was in this band called Sister Soleil. What a rollercoaster. Started out playing small shows in Chicago then it got wacky. Biggest show we ever played was in front of 14,000 people, with Everclear.

Other bands we played with included: Slipknot, Outkast, Chumbawumba (no lie), Stabbing Westward.

A picture of early Sister Soleil when we practiced near Hubbard st and ogden in Chicago:

Early Sister Soleil

Eventually we ended up recording an album at Realworld studios, Peter Gabriel’s studio in England. It was pretty nice. In this picture you can see how it looks out on a pond.

Real World 2

It was a long, grueling recording session, interspersed with tea — with milk in the tea of course.

Real World 1

The album was produced by various people, including Bobby Hukic (with the tattoos), who has been at various times involved with Chicago bands Ministry and Marz, and Robert Smith (right), a British dude.

Real World 3

This picture is of me with Stella Katsoudas and Grey Parker onstage. Stella created the band; it was her thing, and she was gracious enough to invite me to play live when I first heard her cassette demo through friend Howie Beno who was producing it, and i wondered if she thought it might sound cool with some flute. It worked pretty well  and then I roder the rollercoaster from thereon.

On stage with Stella and Grey

I always wore sunglasses onstage, and usually black — eventually Stella got me to try wearing some hip hoppish threads.

6 feet 4 inch flute player

At the time, it was heaven for me to travel around, playing shows. I loved life on the road. I thought to myself, “This is what I’m doing for a living, I don’t need to finish that master’s degree”. But I did end up finishing my M.A. thesis on the tourbus.


And I’m glad I did.